Free Ableton Live Rack #66: Dual Mic Dual Cabinet

Emulate Multiple Microphones and Speakers with Ableton's Cabinet FX

Dual Mic Dual Cabinet for Ableton

I was recently recording guitars and tried using Ableton's Amp and Cabinet FX to give it a more realistic sound.  As I was considering how I ordinarily mic my guitar, I thought it would be nice to have the option to use two microphones.  On the surface, Ableton's cabinet effect may seem limited.  There are no options for multiple mikes.  I thought I might need one of the expensive third-party virtual guitar amps that have multiple mike options.  At that point I realized that although Cabinet does not have this feature, I could place two Cabinet plugins in one Audio Effect Rack, on separate chains.  This would simulate having not just two microphones, but also the option of mixing different cabinet sizes!  So I give to you the Dual Mic Dual Cab audio effect rack.  This is great for giving virtual instruments the feeling of coming out of two different speakers.  I have found it extremely useful for slightly changing the character of the sound.  Check out the video below.  I hope you enjoy it and use it in some of your productions!

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