Ableton Live 9 is Coming Soon!

Ableton Has Announced Live 9 and Push!

I haven't ever been this excited for a new release of a piece of software.  Live 9 has pretty much every feature I've wanted, and some I never thought possible.  I am an unapologetic Ableton fan, so I would  have been happy with the spectrum in EQ 8, but this release is blowing my mind!  Too bad we have to wait until first quarter 2013.  Let me give you a brief run down of my favorite announcements. And while you wait, check out my latest Ableton Live Packs and study up with my 2 Minute Ableton Tips.

Convert Anything to Midi

Live will now be able to convert anything you play into midi.  That means guitar parts, drum beats, beatboxing, singing, tapping on the table and the list goes on.  I grew up playing guitar, not keyboards, so I can't wait to tap into that world! Check this video...

Record Automation in Session Clips

When I started using Ableton, this was the first thing I wished Live could do.  I've invented a million workarounds, now it is possible.  What's even better, now when you copy a clip from the arrangement view, it copies automation too.  Plus, there is this command that lets you highlight anything in arrange and Live will make session view clips from it.  That will be a serious time saver!

Super Midi Editing Improvements

Ableton has thought of some extremely clever midi transformation tools.  I am excited to experiment with these and see what kind of happy accidents occur as a result.

All New Control Surface Instrument, Push

Ableton Push AfroDJMac

This new instrument controller has got my mouth watering.  It features a step sequencer, clip launching matrix, playable keyboard type thing, and access to so many ridiculous features in Ableton.  You can even load plug ins just from the control surface.  The pads are multicolored RGBs, velocity and pressure sensitive.  

Ableton Live 9 Coming in First Quarter 2013

Now I try to live in the present as much as possible, and not wish for time to pass so future events will arrive, but I can't wait for 2013.  I sure hope those Mayans were wrong.  I am so excited for whatever new doors this update and hardware will open.  I can't wait to hear the music that will be made.  I am so pumped to watch music creation leap to the next level.  Until then I will have to remind myself of  my anti-gear-acquisition-syndrome mantra:  it is not the lack of equipment that inhibits creation, it is the lack of imagination.  So until then we will have to just hang tight!  For more details head over to, for an in depth roundup and evaluation, Peter Kirn has you covered at Create Digital Music.

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