Mega Brute EP and Live Show

Four Song EP Made Exclusively with Mega Brute Collection for Ableton Live

I've put together a 4 song EP called "The Mega Brute EP."  It was designed to showcase some of the diverse sounds that can be made with some of the 50 instruments from the AfroDJMac Mega Brute Collection for Ableton Live.  Below is a video accompaniment.  It was filmed during the Nor'easter that hit the East Coast one week after Hurricane Sandy hit.  Enjoy the video and please consider donating to the Red Cross, in order to help their relief efforts.

Arturia MegaBrute Ableton Live Pack
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The AfroDJMac MegaBrute Collection contains 50 Ableton Live instrument racks created from samples of Arturia’s MiniBrute Analog Monophonic Synthesizer. The Live Pack adds functionality and effects impossible on the hardware synth. Go beyond the limitations of this beautiful and unique sounding synth. Includes the four song “MegaBrute EP” by AfroDJMac, along with the Ableton Live Projects the songs were created in.

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AfroDJMac Live Tonight in Babylon, NY

Tonight I will be playing a show with some great bands.  Here is the Facebook event.  There will be great bands  Glen and The Boys, IVOG, and Lost Boy will be on the bill.  Hope you can make it!