Two Minute Ableton Live Tip #19: Stretch Midi Notes

Quickly adjust the length of a series of Midi Notes in Ableton Live

Here's a quick Ableton Live tip for stretching Midi notes.  If you have ever wished that a midi pattern lasted longer or was shorter, Live has got you covered. Take a midi clip that lasts 4 bars and make it 8 bars long or 2 bars long or anything you like.  It is as simple as selecting the notes you wish to stretch, right clicking, and selecting "stretch notes." You can now move them, much like you can with warp markers.  I find this feature useful for creating half time drum beats, and experimenting with melodies.  Follow along in the video.

All the music in the video was made using a few of the AfroDJMac Wind Chime Synths for Ableton Live.  They are very versatile and unique.  Check them out!

Wind Chimes Instruments Ableton Live Pack

A collection of Instruments, all created from samples of a beautiful set of high-end WindChimes. The sound is natural, alive and organic. 

The Live Pack has 5 Instrument Racks, 4 Drum Racks, 4 Audio Effect Racks. Also included is AfroDJMac’s 4-song WindChime Ambience EP, created using only the WindChimes Pack, and the Ableton Live Projects used to create the songs. 

All  sounds in video above created with this pack.

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