AudioBus is here! Link Your iOS Apps together!

 AudioBus is Now Available!

This may be the most anxiously awaited app ever!  AudioBus allows you to route the audio from one app to another.  Now you can send a synth app through an effect app and into a DAW app.  I can't even begin to express how much this will change the game of iPad and iPhone music making.  Now everything works together!  Well, at least compatible apps will.  There are a bunch of apps that work now, and more will be added quickly.  Every music app developer will want to get on the AudioBus, so expect lots of updates to some of your favorites.  I'm super excited!


AudioBus -iPad and iPhone

This app allows you to send audio from one app to another.  A complete game changer!  A must for any serious iOS musician. Get it here!

Enjoy and let me know of how you are using AudioBus!

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