Free Ableton Live Pack #68: MiniBrute Drums

Ableton Live Drums Created with Resampled Arturia MiniBrute!

Once something is sampled, there's no telling what will become of it.  I recently sampled my Arturia MiniBrute to create The Mega Brute Collection for Ableton Live.  While playing with some of the 50 instruments from the Collection, I started tweaking the sounds far beyond their original source.  I wanted to create a strange, yet usable, drum kit.  The result is the Ableton Live Instrument Rack pictured below.

MiniBrute Drums Rack

 Resampling and Recycling; Nothing Ever Gets Old

It's the perfect example of why I love sound design.  Any sound can be manipulated beyond recognition into something new.  I dug inside of a bunch of different MegaBrute instruments and played with various parameters. Some of the techniques I experimented with were extreme pitch enveloping, pitch shifting, running sampled sounds through new effects and hardware, and, in some cases, back through the Arturia MiniBrute itself.  All of my tweaking done with the goal of creating percussive sounds.  This rack contains 24 powerful drums.

To add further dimension to this collection, I've added some useful effects.   Gated Reverb, New York Style Compression, and a Low Pass Filter allow you to sculpt the drum kit to suit your productions. Here's the video walk through and tutorial.  It's followed by the free download button.

Get the Source Sounds: MegaBrute Collection for Ableton Live!

If you enjoy these drums, check out the instruments I used to create them.  The MegaBrute Collection contains 50 instruments all made from the Arturia MiniBrute.  It'll bring plenty of warm analog character your way.  Get more information here.  Watch my MegaBrute EP below.  All songs were created with the instruments from the MegaBrute Collection and the video is of the nor'easter that hit New York shortly after Hurricane Sandy.

Arturia MegaBrute Ableton Live Pack
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The AfroDJMac MegaBrute Collection contains 50 Ableton Live instrument racks created from samples of Arturia’s MiniBrute Analog Monophonic Synthesizer. The Live Pack adds functionality and effects impossible on the hardware synth. Go beyond the limitations of this beautiful and unique sounding synth. Includes the four song “MegaBrute EP” by AfroDJMac, along with the Ableton Live Projects the songs were created in.

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Send Your Music Along!

As always, if you make anything with any of my Ableton Packs or tips, send them to me!  I'd love to hear what you are doing with them, and I will post them for others to hear.  All the Best!


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