Two Minute Ableton Tutorial: Set up wifi midi from an ipad to a Mac

How to Use Your iPad to Send Midi Over Wifi

I hope the holidays have treated you well.  Perhaps Ol' Saint Nick brought you a brand new iOS device this Christmas!  So in celebration I want to show you how to set it up to use as a wireless midi controller!  This Two Minute Ableton Live Tip will teach you how to send wifi midi from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch  to your Mac.  It's very easy to do and the payoff is huge!  Imagine controlling Ableton Live from your couch while wearing wireless headphones. At a gig you could walk into the crowd for some fun audience participation.  Another great use is for sound testing.  You could walk around the venue and adjust the mix from anywhere in the room! The possibilities of wifi midi are truly exciting!

Wifi Midi: Get the Full Details and Step by Step Instruction at Sonic Scoop!

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The full write up is over at Sonic Scoop, for which I write a column called "Sound Smack."  Sonic Scoop is an awesome site for everything music, band, and production in New York City.  Follow their RSS feed.  While you're at it, follow this site's feed too!


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