Ableton Live Analog Bundle End of the Year Super Sale!

Warm up your productions with this super bargain on AfroDJMac's Ableton Premium Analog Bundle Pack!

Are you tired of the same sounds in every production you hear?  Do you want instruments that have a warmth and character you can't find anywhere else?  Do you want to add some analog charm to a sterile digital recording?  Then the Analog Bundle for Ableton Live is for you!  You'll get hundreds of different Ableton instrument racks, created from samples of famous analog synths. Each instrument contains 8 macro controls, clearly labeled and ready for you to tweak for a perfect fit in your songs.  I've spent hundreds of hours crafting each instrument, so you can get right down to work making music.

@afrodjmac demonstrates his Ableton workflow

It's some of my finest creations and I guarantee they will inspire you to take your music to new levels!  Normally this collection would cost $77.12, but from now until January 1st, it is on sale for the reduced price of $40.  So Get it Now and get making music!

Or get the Everything in the Store with the Ultimate Bundle!

If you really want to save, then I have to recommend The Everything in the Store Ableton Pack.  It has it all, every premium rack I have created.  It's the best deal I offer, $127.12 of instruments for $55.  A savings of $72.12!  It'll will take you weeks to go through all of these instruments and effects, and they will continually add inspiration and character to your productions forever til the end of time!

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