The Most Popular Ableton Rack in 2012: The BroStep Pack!

Get your GTL on, this is what the people have asked for: The AfroDJMac BroStep Synth for Ableton Live.

I'm not sure what this says about the state of society, but my most popular and widely downloaded Ableton rack of 2012 was the BroStep synth. What's more is that is was released back in October 2011. I can't help but feel a little humbled. The year's most popular synth was one I didn't even create this year, and one that was done more for a joke than anything else. Though I appreciate and have learned a lot from the production techniques, I was never a huge Dubstep fan. Don't get me wrong, a lot of really cool music comes out of the movement, it was just never my first choice.

Inevitably every decent artistic movement must endure a sort of mass media bastardization these days, and Dubstep's ugly step-child is BroStep. Music designed solely for the purpose of creating heavier and nastier bass sounds. The more ridiculous and offensive the better. The Jersey Shore got its own genre of music. So as a gag, I attempted my own BroStep synth. I sort of succeeded, but somewhere during its creation, I think I lost sight of the initial goal and starting creating something a little different. In the end, I really like the BroStep Synth. It is capable of those harsh vowel basses that really gets The Situation moving on the floor, but it also has a softer side. There's a lot of depth to it. The result was what has now become one of my most popular downloads. Almost 10,000 people downloaded it in 2012. I think that's pretty cool. To have that many people checking out a single instrument is so inspiring.  It was even featured on Ableton's blog, as one of its first posts.

So here it is again, in case you missed it, The AfroDJMac Brostep Synth for Ableton Live. Just like DJ Pauly D said on the Jersey Shore finale, "Don't judge a book by its blowout," give the BroStep synth a look beyond its surface and initial intentions. Then make me the nastiest BroStep song you can and I will post it for everyone to hear :)

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