Free Ableton Live Pack #70: Rusty Fender Rhodes Ableton Pack

Free Fender Rhodes Ableton Live Pack

The Fender Rhodes is one of the most well known electric keyboards of all time.  Unfortunately adding one to your collection will set you back a pretty penny.  What's more is that lugging one around to the gig is another nuisance many of us would rather do without.  Luckily I have the solution for you, the AfroDJMac Rusty Fender Rhodes Ableton Live Pack!  This free Ableton Live pack will get you that classic Fender Rhodes sound conveniently inside your  laptop computer.

Fender Rhodes Silvertop Suitcase ableton afrodjmac

Robert Chambers recently sent me an email containing an instrument rack he made utilizing this Two Minute Ableton Tip.  The rack was made with samples of a Fender Rhodes Keyboard.  Robert described the keyboard as sounding like "garbage."  The samples, in my opinion, sound pretty cool though.  Besides, there are plenty of places online where you can find pristine samples of all sorts of things, but here at we favor sounds are unique and have personality! To add to the character of this instrument, we've also created a Multi FX rack that has a hi and low pass filter, distortion, delay, chorus, and flanger.  Each macro knob has various parameters from each effect mapped to it.  This makes the turn of one knob very powerful!  The Multi FX rack can be saved and used with any sound you have.  So Free Ableton Live Pack #70 is actually two racks in one fun download.  Check out the video walkthrough below.  (To create the music in the video I used the awesome polychord  app as a midi controller; it's definitely worth checking out).  Then download the Fender Rhodes Ableton Pack, and get going making a classic track with this classic sound.

Be sure to stop by Robert Chambers' page, listen to some of his music, and thank him for his work on this Free Ableton Live Pack!  He's got some cool ambient electronic music for your enjoyment!

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