First 125 AfroDJMac Free Ableton Live Packs in One Download!

Live Pack Archive 1-4.jpg

Get The First 125 AfroDJMac Ableton Packs in On Convenient Download

I've just finished archiving and packaging the first 125 Free Ableton Live Pack I've ever created into one simple download, at one small price.  A few readers, who have recently found my downloads, were asking if there was a place to download them all, and this is it.  You'll get it all.  Synthesizers, Sampled instruments, Effect racks, Midi effect racks, experimental sounds and effects, it's all here.  Currently the download is over 1.5GB, so there is a ton of content here!

The AfroDJMac Ableton Live Pack Archive is free when you join the AfroDJMac Music Production Club!

*All packs will remain free to download individually.

Here's one of my latest and favorite creations, Mom's Piano.

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