How to Sample Synthesizers into your DAW

How to Sample Hardware Gear into Ableton Live

I've recently put together a tutorial on sampling for the good people at Winksound.  In the video I share a few workflow techniques to make sampling your outboard MIDI gear a little easier.  Using Ableton Live, I send MIDI to the Arturia MiniBrute.  From there I record the output of the MiniBrute into clips, which will ultimately be imported into Live's Sampler to create new instruments.  The power of Sampler allows you to do things impossible on the hardware synth (polyphony, additional filters and effects).  This is the technique I used to create the MegaBrute Collection Ableton Pack.  Check out the video below for the complete walkthrough.

How to Use Ableton Instrument Racks

This is not the first tutorial I've done for Winksound.  A few months back I did a lesson on how to create instrument racks in Ableton Live.  Check that out below.  And if you haven't been following Winksound, be sure to visit their YouTube page for tons of useful Music Production tutorials.  It's a great resource and their videos are very well done, featuring a myriad of respected people in the music scene.  I'm happy to be included in the bunch!

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