SonicState Ableton Push Review features Mom's Piano!

Excellent and Thorough 20 Minute Push Review by SonicState!

Nick Batt of SonicState is basically the music gear review master.  He gets his hands on all the cool new toys and reviews them from a place of sincerity, not hype.  I like a guy who can tell it like it is and Nick is on the ball in that regard.  He recently did a 20 minute Ableton Push review (yea 20 minutes!).  He covers pretty much everything you could possibly wonder.  One of the super nice things he did was use my Mom's Piano Ableton Pack to demonstrate.  As a guy who, for years, has been watching Nick's reviews as well as the great Sonic Touch iOS app show, I was pretty pumped and flattered to see him using that instrument.  Big thanks goes out to Nick for all the great reviews and the kind mention.   Here's the review (head to the 5 minute mark for my 15 minutes of fame :).  If you are still hungry for Push reviews, the best text review I've read (unsurprisingly) comes from Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music. 

*Thanks to Mark Mosher for giving me the scoop!

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