Advanced Ableton User Meetup 5.9.13

AfroDJMac Discusses Live Electronic Drum Technique at Ableton Meetup

Come down to Tekserve on Thursday May 9th at 7pm, for the Advanced Ableton User Meetup.  I will be there discussing how to handle drums in a live situation.  The talk will cover programming beats quickly, creating variations to those beats, adding fills, and adding effects.  Expect a bunch of practical information and ideas that you can use within your own live performances.  To coincide with the night, I will release a special Free Ableton Live Pack that will help you get going.

An Exciting Night with Some Incredible Talent

If that doesn't sell you, then definitely come down for some of the other presenters.  I'm really excited to see the valuable bits of knowledge will come of the night.  On the bill are Laura EscudéAdam Rokhsar Dana Schechter , and Juan Larios.  I feel like I will be leaving the event smarter and totally inspired thanks to these presenters.  DJ Phil Painson will fill the gaps between speakers, and of course, Hank Shocklee and Ben Casey will be the evening's gracious hosts.  Check out the video from the Advanced User Meetup in December.

I hope you can make it to the event, RSVP here.  if not it is streaming from  Head over to Shocklee for more details.  If you make it down, be sure to say hello. The best thing about these events are meeting others in the community, and I hope to get to know as many people as possible.