Free Ableton Live Pack #77: OP-1 Drums, FX, and Fills Tutorial

Special Free Ableton Live Pack for The Advanced User Group Meet Up!

In honor of the Advanced Ableton Live User Group Meeting in New York City tomorrow night, I have created a special Free Live Pack.  My discussion at the meet up will cover drum treatment during a live performance.  Starting with effects processing, we will end up going over creating fills and variations.  To illustrate the demonstration, I have created a few little presents I'd like to share.

The OP-1 Toy Drum Rack and The Beat Repeat, Reverser and Mute Rack

I was very inspired by this video by Cuckoo to start creating some synthesized drums with the Teenage Engineering OP-1. Each of the 16 drums were created on the OP-1 and placed into Ableton Simplers in a drum rack.  I played around with some of the filters and gave certain drums a little Filter-LFO action to create the illusion of different sounding hits.  Also, I used a cool little technique with the Random MIDI device, to randomly choose slightly different hi hat samples on one drum pad.

All of which, plus a discussion of how Follow Actions can be used for drum fills are detailed in the video Above.  Once you have watched it, download the pack below and start messing around with the set.  To install, open the .ALP file and select a destination to save the Project.  Open the Project (one version requires Max for Live, the other does not).  You can save the racks to your library by clicking on the save icon (image of a floppy disc) in the top right corner of the rack.

Advanced Ableton User Group Meet Up May 9th at 7pm

If you are in the New York City area, come down to Tekserve for a fun night of nerding out about music production and performance.  If you aren't nearby, the entire event is streaming over at Shocklee.  I'm very excited about all of the presenters, I hope you can make it in person or over the web.