Free Ableton Live Pack #81: Double P Keys

Multi-layered Free Ableton Synth plus Drums

Ah what a relief, You're in luck.  I've created a pretty cool, layered Ableton Pack for you to have.  It's the Double P Keys.  This instrument rack contains five chains of synthesizers stacked on top of each other.  3 of the sounds are designed to add ambience and texture to the sound, while 2 of them produce the musical, harmonic material that allow you to play notes and write melodies.  You can mix in the level of "Double P Noise" and each synth.  The instrument also has control over the filters of each of the two musical synths.  The first musical synth can be morphed from a pluck type sound to a more rounded pad sound.  The second synth makes use of the filter envelop to give movement and character to the sound. All 5 layers of this sound are created from the same sample, just different sections of it.  I won't say exactly what it is, but I'm sure if you give it a listen, it will be a familiar sound.  This is all about having some fun with sound, so if it is offensive, maybe you are being a little uptight :)


How Would You Like a Little Percussion Too?

While messing around with the sample and building this rack, I found a neat percussive sound.  In the video below, you can hear some drums.  Those were also created with the same sample as the Double P Keys.  I've included this instrument in the download too (2 for 1!). The drum-ness of the sound works best in some of the lower notes, but there are some other interesting things that happen when you get in the highest registers.  I'm sure someone out there will find it useful.

So check out the video below and then download the synth.  Have fun, make some music and send it my way.  I will share it for others to hear :) Check out my other Free Ableton Packs, and if you like them, stop by the Store for some serious Premium Packs! Thanks for stopping by!