Free Ableton Pack 82: Shruthi Buzzer

Ableton Instrument Remotely Created Thanks to the Future

It seems everyday something new comes out that drops your jaw.  Technology is moving forward at such an incredible rate, ideas like the singularity are getting easier and easier to believe.  Create Digital Music, one of my favorite places on the internet, posted about a web site that you can visit, draw a sequence, have that sequence sent to a synth, record the output and send you the audio file.  It's amazing, and they even switch up which synth you send it to!  This time, the synth of choice is the Shruthi-1.  It's a hackable digital/analog hybrid monosynth.  It's pretty cheap and sounds awesome, if I have a weak moment, I might just splurge.  The site is set up by Big Robot Studios.  About one year ago I had a run-in with Big Robot Studios with this free Ableton Instrument I made with their SynthPad app.  Check out this Vine (follow me!) I made detailing the process:   So what I did was create a sequence, download, drop it in Ableton and then run it through the overdrive and filter on my Moog Slim Phatty.  I'm not sure where Big Robot Studios is located, but think about it:  I made a sequence in New York, sent it somewhere in the world to Big Robot's Shruthi, the sequence was recorded and sent to me, and then I ran it through my Moog back in New York.  That's one fast traveling audio file!  

6 Ableton Instruments from Shruthi-1

I got a lot of mileage out of that one audio file.  I wound up making 6 different instruments.  3 of them are straight out of the Shruthi, and the other 3 are identical copies, except they use the sample that was processed through the Moog. I will release a set of instruments for the next few weeks.  First I am sharing the Shruthi Buzzer.  This sound is named for its buzzy sound.  It makes great basses and leads, but, as always, it can be tweaked into something totally different, like pads and atmospheric sounds.  Check out the video below and then download the first installment.  Be sure to check back next week when I release the Hover synth!


A Place to Share Sounds Made with Any AfroDJMac Ableton Packs

I just created a SoundCloud group for you to add any music you make with any AfroDJMac Ableton Packs.  I get so many really cool tracks from people all over and this is a place to showcase them! It's already got a nice chunk of people with a lot of cool tracks.  The work people are doing with these sounds is blowing my mind and really inspiring me to keep at it!  So join the group and share your tracks!  Here's the playlist of what's happening.