Free Ableton Live Pack #83: Shruthi Hover Synth

More Shruthi and Moog Madness for Ableton Live

Last week I released the first of a three part series of Ableton Live Packs made from the Shruthi Synth.  But there's a catch, it's not my synth.  In fact the synth I used is in actually in Reno, NV, a place I have never been. So how did I get it? Thanks to the folks at Big Robot Studios, who have opened their synth collection to the entire world!  Yea that's right, not just the Shruthi, but pretty much whatever they feel like hooking up at the time.  Right now there is a Korg MS-20.  At this rate, I might never need to sample another synth again :)

@AfroDjMac the synths are in Reno NV. I'll try see if I can borrow some more exotic pieces to serve sequences to the web.

— bigrobotstudios (@bigrobotstudios) June 22, 2013

A Hover Synth for You

One of the sounds I was able to fashion out of the sample, is a Hover Synth.  At least that's what I think it sounds like.  You might manipulate it into something else, thanks to the handy macro knobs.  Check out the video below, if you missed it last week, and download this synth (it's my favorite of the three).  And don't forget to come back next week for the third installment!


SoundCloud Group for Sounds Made with Any AfroDJMac Ableton Packs

The SoundCloud group for music made with any AfroDJMac Ableton Packs is up and running very well.  Below are what you guys have contributed.  I'm really impressed by the work.  Please join the group and share your tracks!