How to Adjust the Swing on Ableton Live's Arpeggiator


Get That Arpeggiator Swinging Just Right!

Ableton Live's Arpeggiator Device is an amazing creative tool.  Just hold down a couple of notes on your keyboard and it pumps out a dancing array of notes.  I can't tell you how many times songs have been born out of experimenting with the Arpeggiator.  One problem: rhythmically, it is very rigid.  The Arpeggiator does have Swing options, but those always felt too swing-y.  Well, there is a fix for that.

Last night, in Live's manual, I stumbled upon a great feature.  The Global Amount control, located in the Groove Pool, can be used to adjust the intensity of the Arpeggiator's swing! Now you can dial in the exact amount of groove and swing you need to fit your songs.  Check out the short video below to see how.

Performing Live with Ableton Live

If you like this tip, perhaps you'd like my 2+ hour video course on how to perform live using Ableton Live.  The videos go through tons of techniques and tricks that will help you bring you music out to the stage.  It is the course I wish existed when I started using Ableton Live for Live performance.  Here are the full details.