Overcoming Frustration: A Few Videos to Inspire!

It's Easy to Get Frustrated!

We all get in creative ruts and experience frustration, that's the constant battle the artist faces. I recently came across a couple of videos and articles that might just be enough to spark the creative flame.

Minilogue: As Human as Possible

Ableton has put together about a half hour of videos documenting Minilogue and their live performance set up.  It's very inspiring and extremely well produced.

Ableton.com is a great source of inspiring material, here's one of my personal favorites (wink, wink)  ;)

Josh Bess Walks Through Setting Up A Live Performance

Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Bess is a really cool guy and talented percussionist and producer.  He just put out a book called Ableton Grooves, which is all about creating realistic drum grooves in practically every style ever.  Recently he did some videos for Dubspot on bringing tracks from the studio to the stage.

50 Must-Read Pro Audio Articles

The good folks at Winksound alerted me to this gem of musical production information.  There's a lot to go through, here's a nice video on compression.

 Inspiring Audio Effect Rack

Want a tool you can use right now?  Ableton Certified Trainer Emile Hoogenhout has you covered, South African style!  Here's the download to his deep and amazing ResoDUB effect rack.  It's a long video, but it is educational!

Two Minute Ableton Live Tips

Of course, there are always my running collection of 2 Minute Ableton Live Tips.  My latest was all about adding swing to the Arpeggiator.  I love turning on the Arpeggiator and seeing what kind of magic I can squeeze from it.

Playing Live with Ableton Live

Lastly, if you want a really in depth video course, may I suggest my Live Performance with Ableton Live video course.  It's a culmination of years of trial, error and experimentation.

Now Get to Work!

Ok, it's great to watch videos and learn new things, but don't get caught in the trap of thinking you need to know anymore than you already do to make great music.  The best way to make great music is to make lots of it.  Practice the practice!  Get off the internet and get in the studio!  Got any tips? Let us know in the comments!