10,000 Free 8 Bit Sounds!

Tons of Free 8 Bit Sounds from the 8-Bit Bandit!

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The 8-Bit Bandit is a maniac.  He just put out a collection of 10,000 8 bit sounds.  10,000!  These are fun sounds,  ranging a world of possibilities.  From my exploration, most of them fall into the category of percussiony-glitch sounds.  There could be much more, I haven't checked all 10,000!  Ableton Live users have the benefit of using these sounds in some handy Live Devices that the Bandit includes in the download.  Check out the video below:

Here is the link to the free download! *[Link is fixed (We broke Dropbox!)]

Perfect Companion to the Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack!

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These sounds will be the perfect addition to the Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack I released a little while back.  Create authentic 8-bit music or create something entirely new and futuristic using these classic sounds!