Google Hangout Thursday Night- Let's Build an Instrument Rack!

Build an Ableton Live Instrument Rack with AfroDJMac on Google HangOuts Thursday!

On Thursday March 6th at 10PM EST (New York time), I will be joining the folks at Jamby for a Google Hangout.  Jamby is a cool service that allows musicians and producers to virtually meet up, share ideas and nerd out.  Basically it's a chance to talk about all of the stuff your girlfriends and boyfriends are getting sick of listening to.

For this meet up, I thought it would be cool if we built an instrument rack.  I'll show up with some samples and we will turn it into a brand new Ableton Live Rack, that I will put up for free download.  As of right now, I'm not exactly sure what samples I will use, so if you have any ideas, share them in the comments and I will see what I can do.  I'm pretty excited about it, as it will be a fun way to collaborate, share ideas and knowledge, and we will all wind up with a new instrument to play with!

Sign up here at Jamby.  The event has been titled "Meet AfroDJMac in his Bedroom." It will be way less creepy than it sounds, my studio is actually a few doors away from my bedroom.  I think there is room for fifteen people in the hangout, and everyone else will be able to watch online.  There will be a chatroom too, so you can write in your questions and comments, add suggestions and remarks, make fun of me for wearing sunglasses, whatever you like.  See you Thursday!