Free Ableton Live Pack #102: FAB Woodwinds


Woodwind Ableton Live Instrument That Can Be Morphed Beyond Recognition!

You may remember a while back I released the Bells and Kalimba Ableton Live Pack.  It was a beautiful and useful instrument created in collaboration with the Fat Ass Bully.  Recently Konstantin, AKA Fat Ass Bully, sent over a woodwinds instrument he was working on.  I immediately fell in love with the sound of it and began adding my own personal touch to it.  The result is the FAB Woodwinds instrument, which I present to you now as a free Ableton Live Pack download.

The instrument rack, pictured above, allows for a lot of creative control over the sound.  When you open up the Live project, the instrument sounds relatively true to its original woodwind samples.  But as you start twisting and turning the 24 macro controls, you quickly end up with worlds of sound possibilities.  Check out the video below for a full and detailed walk through.

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Robotic Drums iOS App

In the video, I created my drum beats using Robotic Drums, a drum synthesizer with a probability sequencer.  The app lets you easily synthesize 8 different drum sounds and build 16 different beats using the sequencer.  The sequencer is cool because you can set each note to play 0-100% of the time.  This means that you can create drum beats that always change.  Part of the problem with drum sequencers is that the beats can get pretty stagnant. Robotic Drums has solved that problem.  In the video, I am sending MIDI clock information from Ableton Live into the App, so the sequencer is always in time with my Live set.  Definitely check this app out, for $4.99, it's definitely worth it.

Fat Ass Bully "Evening"

The Fat Ass Bully was kind enough to supply the groundwork for this instrument, so return the favor and give one of his tracks a listen.  I really like this track for its super dark mood.  Thanks Konstantin for giving us another excellent instrument!

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