Free Ableton Live Pack #113: Household Percussion

There is Music Everywhere

The line between noises and music is a fine one.  A bunch of racket to one person is music to another.  Thalamus Lab has put together a free sound collection from artists around the world.  It includes a wide range of unusual sounds.  Insects, frogs, planes, machines, and many more sounds make up the 30 sound packs collected for this project.  For my contribution, I have put together a collection of common household noises that can be used as percussion instruments. You can download the Thalamus Lab Free Sound Collection here

Be a Part of a Worldwide Collaborative Album

Thalamus Labs in creating the XSL, an album of audio works featuring their free sounds collections.  Participants are asked to use sounds from the free sound collection.  Check out their site to submit tracks for the album.  The deadline is March 1, 2015.



Free Ableton Live Pack Made From Household Sounds

As my part of the free sound collection, I've sampled various noises from around the house.  With the goal of collecting percussive sounds, I recorded light switches, scissors, latches, cat toys, clocks, etc... whatever I thought made an interesting noise.  I racked these 34 sounds up into an Ableton Live Drum Rack, so you can use them right inside of Live.   Each sound can be sculpted and manipulated to your hearts desire with the help of some useful Macro Knobs.  They are great for adding an organic, real world percussive element to your tracks.  

Share Your Music on The SoundCloud Group

If you've made music using any of AfroDJMac Ableton Live Packs, post it on our Soundcloud group!  I'd love to hear what you've done with them!