Christmas Bells: Free Ableton Live Pack #114

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas time again, and to celebrate I've created a very special Free Ableton Live Pack for you!  It's the AfroDJMac Christmas Bells Instrument.  This instrument is actually two instruments in one! 

The first layer is made up with samples of church bells from  The coolest part about this sample are the singing birds in the background.  As you play the instrument across the keyboard, the pitched up and down birds create a really interesting texture underneath the melodic content.  

The second layer is an instrument from my Yamaha DX7 Ableton Live Pack, the Digi-Bells.  It's a classic 1980s FM synthesized bells sound that blend perfectly with the real-world church bell sample. This particular part of the instrument contains a couple layers as well.  There are samples recorded directly from the DX7's output, as well as samples that were run through a Fender Tube guitar amp.  Each of these signals can be mixed together to create some unique tones.  

There's a lot of layers and racks within racks in this instrument, so check out the video below for a complete walkthrough, then download the pack and start making some Christmas music!

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