Free Ableton Live Pack #115: PMX 300 Brass Synth

Casio PMX Instruments from PerforModule and Isotonik!

Animus Invidious has been releasing some really cool Ableton Live devices via his site PerforModule.  I've covered his work in the past, and if you aren't familiar with his work, I highly recommend you do some catching up! (BTW: Most of them are free!)

Animus has teamed up with the good people from Isotonik Studios to create the PMX series of Ableton Live instruments.  Featuring samples from the Casio PMX 300, these devices are emulations of real world instruments and have been meticulously crafted to mimic the sound and behavior of the actual instrument. Each instrument contains 88 samples and macro controls for further manipulation.  In total, the collection will contain 18 Live Packs and over 150 instrument racks.  You can purchase them individually from Isotonik or you can buy the entire set now, save 66% off the full price, receive the new packs as they are released, and even get special freebies only available with the full set.  

Free Taste of the PMX Brass Instrument

Free Download: PMX Brass Free Ableton Live Pack #115 (Requires Live 9 and Sampler)

To help spread word, I'm hosting a free download of one of the instruments in the Brass collection.  The instrument, named Brass Synth Warm, is an emulation of some warm-toned brass instruments.  It has 8 macro knobs (as do all of the synths in the collection) that allow you to get a wide range of sounds and timbres from the instrument.  In total the Brass collection contains 8 different brass-styled instrument racks.  Here is a sound sample of what they are capable of (also awesome throwback to Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link!).

Free Download: PMX Brass Free Ableton Live Pack #115 (Requires Live 9 and Sampler)

More Free Instruments by PerforModule, Isotonik, and Friends from the Ableton Community

If you enjoy the sounds of this collection, there's plenty more where that came from.  Already, they have released 12 of the 18 packs, including Funky Pianos, Melodic Percussion, Pads, Strings, Organs and more.  A few of our friends from the music production community have also release free tastes of the packs, here are some links:

AudioBombs: Tremolo Strings

Sonic Bloom: Koto

BedroomProducers: Glockenspiel

Subaqueous: Drawbar Organ

Follow those links to get the free downloads and hear audio samples of each (Not to mention that each of these sites rule!).  And if you enjoy the freebies, you'll love the full packs.  So stop by Isotonik Studios to pick up these packs, and also be sure to check out PerforModule for more Ableton related goodies.  And if Max For Live is your cup of tea, Isotonik Studios is the perfect place to hack your Ableton Live setup and add functionality to some of your favorite hardware, including the APC40, Launchpad, and Ableton's Push.  Allow me to recommend the Modular Series... amazing!