Super-Charge Ableton Live with Isotonik Max for Live Devices

Isotonik Studios has been on the move lately.  Over the last few months they've put out some really amazing Max for Live devices that can take your workflow and music to exciting new levels. Let's take a look at some of the fun things they've got for us!

Ionic FX Suite

PerforModule put together an exciting set of effects that react to the music you feed it. They are great for creative mixing and mastering. Check out the walkthrough video, and then listen to the before-after audio examples:

PerforModule just provided the 128th Free Ableton Live Pack, The Vinyl Snackler.  Check it out!

Noisr FX - Dynamic FX for Performance

Noisr FX is a collection of stomp box style multi-effect units. You get gates, reverbs, filters, pitch shifters, and much more.  You can organize the effects as you like to craft your sound as you like. The video will give you a better idea.  Also, don't forget the free noise generator Noisr, it's a lot of fun!

Ned Rush Damage - Audio Mangler and Visuals Generator

Damage is the latest release from Ned Rush. It's kind of like Ableton's Beat Repeat on steroids. It's really fun for glitchy madness.  Everything is time-synced and will blow your audio to smithereens. A cool bonus is the visuals generator.  Damage takes the audio it mangles and turns it into some cool visuals.  

ProSession Mixing Tools - Session and Arrange View on the Same Screen Simultaneously

ProSession by EraserMice allows you to view Live's session view on the same screen as arrangement view.  The session view shows up as a device at the bottom of your screen.  This means you can launch clips and edit in arrangement view at the same time.

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There's a ton of cool stuff at Isotonik, I've on just scratched the surface. For the month of October, Isotonik is offering members of the AfroDJMac Music Production Club 25% off any purchases. This is a great opportunity to fire up your productions at a great price. If you are already a member of the Music Production Club then you have received an update with the coupon code. Otherwise, join the club, get a new Live Pack every month, and save big over at Isotonik Studios!