Toy Synths Ableton Live Pack

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The Charm of Childhood Keyboards in Ableton Live

The AfroDJMac Toy Synths Ableton Live Pack is a collection of 112 Instrument Rack Presets and 24 clips of beats and rhythmic patterns.  Each instrument has some useful Macro Controls that allow you to add effects and filter the sounds to fit your productions. They are built off the sounds of some nostalgia inducing instruments and coupled with the power of Ableton Live to expand on and enhance the original capabilities. 

Toy Synths

112 Instrument Racks of various toy synthesizers. Features Yamaha, Casios, and many other brands. 24 clips of keyboard beats.

Classic Sounds Made New

The Toy Synths Ableton Live Pack is made up of a wide variety of vintage, often low budget and mass produced instruments designed for beginners. You'll find classic keyboards from Casio and Yamaha, as well as some obscure instruments, such as the HS-3220c which didn't even have a line out so I had to mic its little built in speakers.  In cases like this however, an extra bit of character was captured that is difficult to emulate in the DAW. The audio effects really help give these playful sounds a professional quality.  I've been impressed with how nicely they sit in the mix with more expensive virtual and hardware instruments.

This is Not Just Kid Stuff...

I've also included sounds from instruments that appear simple at first glance, but I would hesitate to call toys. There's the entire sound banks of the Casio VL-1 and the Casio SK-1.  Although not quite marketed to professionals, these synths have proved to become highly sought after instruments for their unmistakable sound. 

I've also put my Teenage Engineering OP-1 to use in this Pack. This has more to do with the OP-1's size and stature than it does with it being a toy. The OP-1 is unquestionably a pro piece of gear, but I've created a nice collection of instruments that fits nicely in this package of sounds.