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Sonic Bloom: A Must Read Ableton Live Blog

There's a bunch of music production/Ableton Live related sites I like to visit time to time, and then there's a select few that I read every article. Sonic Bloom is a must read. Created by Madeleine Bloom, a former Ableton tech support employee, Sonic Bloom always has something really nice to offer.  Whether it's free Live Packs (check out this drum rack made with sounds from a Coke bottle), tutorials (here's a useful one on locking automation in arrangement view), or unique Max for Live devices (Chord Memorizer anyone?), Madeleine will no doubt keep your inspiration levels high.

Sonic Bloom Turns 3 Years Old and Celebrates with 50% Off Sale

Sonic Bloom has just turned 3 years old! There are hundreds of posts on the site, I can't recommend it enough. Right now through Friday they are celebrating with a 50% off sale! Here's a little message from Madeleine herself,

Sonic Bloom, the site on all things Ableton Live, Push & Max for Live, has turned 3. To celebrate we've slashed all prices by 50%. From today until this Friday, October 23, all courses, Max for Live packs and all bundles are available at half price. The fantastic Max for Cats Live Packs by Max for Cats are available now from as low as EUR 5/USD 7. Courses start at just EUR 10/ USD 14.50.

Max for Live Packs

May I Recommend...

If you are interested in taking advantage of this sale (and you should be!),  may I recommend the Max for Cats Delays. There are two to choose from and both are really awesome. Skram Delay is a more glitchy random delay that sounds unlike anything in Live. Stochastic Delay is a complex delay that can really come alive with mouse movements and filtering.  Maybe I should let the videos speak for themselves.