Free Ableton Push Fast Start Class

Learn Ableton Push with Josh Spoon

On Friday October 23rd, at 9am Pacific time, fellow Ableton Certified Trainer Josh Spoon will be conducting a free online Ableton Push class. 

Here's what the course will cover (via CreativeLive):

  • Hardware Workflow
  • Tonal Relationships in Note Mode
  • Alternate Pad Layouts in Note Mode
  • Step Sequencing in Drum Mode
  • Quantizing Drums in Drum Mode
  • Using Push in a Live Set

It's 7 hours of material! Josh is the man on Push, so I'm sure that you will get plenty out of this class. 

30 Days with Ableton Push

A couple years ago, Josh made a big splash into the Ableton community with his 30 Days with Ableton Push series.  If you are new to Push or want some advanced tips and tricks to spice up your game, be sure to watch the videos posted below: