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Need a steady flow of inspiration?  Want a constant stream of new tools that will help you make better music? Then allow me to introduce you to the AfroDJMac Music Production Club! 

Every month, members of the club will receive a new download of the latest premium Ableton Live Packs, Instruments, Effects, Tutorials, Tips, Tricks, Project Files, Samples, etc.  You will have access to the downloads a month before they go on sale at the AfroDJMac Store and at a fraction of the price... that's if they make it to the store at all...  

Join the ADM Music Production Club only $6!

Personality Over Perfection

Over the years, my goal has been to create tools that will not only help you make music faster and easier, but will also give your sound character and identity. I try to offer up the types of things you can't find everywhere else and show you how to do the same. In a world of stock loops, presets, and ubiquitous samples, it can be difficult to cultivate a sound that stands out.  My aim has always been to produce instruments and effects that sound good but also have unique personality.  I might not be the guy to turn to for the most pristinely recorded grand piano; my work is more for people looking for something with a personal touch and warmth (here's a nice example of that).  That's the kind of stuff you can expect from the ADM MPC! 

What Can I Expect as a Member?

Join today, and you will receive the latest download from the club.   Every month (during the first week), you will receive an email with a link to a new download.  Follow the link, download the pack, and start making music!  Simple!

The day you join you get:

The cost is $6 per month.  There's no long term commitment and you can cancel at anytime.  You'll also get an email reminder that your card is about to be charged.  I have the highest level of appreciation towards your membership to the Music Production Club, and strive to put out excellent content month after month.  Your satisfaction is my top priority.  

Special Bonus! Free Ableton Live Pack Archive!

The 1st 100 Free Ableton Live Packs in 1 convenient download: Free to all members of the ADM MPC!

The 1st 100 Free Ableton Live Packs in 1 convenient download: Free to all members of the ADM MPC!

To ensure value to your membership, every member of the club will receive a free download of my Ableton Live Pack Archive. It's the first 125 Ableton Live Packs I've released, delivered in one convenient download. There's such a wide range of Live devices, from synths and drums, to effects, real world instruments, and the strange and unusual.  It's sure to keep you busy for quite some time.  Normally it is sold for $9.99, but members get it free.  So even if you join for one month and cancel, you save $4 on the Live Pack Archive and get the latest download available to the club; there's really no risk!  But I think once you join you won't want to leave :) 

Join the ADM Music Production Club only $6!

This club has been a dream of mine for quite some time and I'm really excited to see it come to life.  Your membership and support means the world to me, and I look forward to creating exciting new content and hearing what you do with it.  

All the best,