Transition Noises and FX for Ableton Live

Transition Noises and FX
Ableton Live Pack

Create exciting and dramatic changes. Perfect for builds and transitions in your music. Contains 9 Instrument Racks, 4 Performance Effects, 100 tempo-synced clips.

One of the staples of modern electronic music is the white noise transition.  At the end of build ups, during transitions between song sections, and at intros and outros, transitional sounds are crucial to alerting listeners to changes in the music.  Creating these sounds over and over for each new track can be a painstaking distraction to your flow while making music.  That’s why I’ve put together the AfroDJMac Transional Noises and FX Ableton Live Pack.

All You Need to Make Powerful Transitions in Your Music

Containing 8 Ableton Live Instrument Racks, 4 Audio Effect Racks, and 100 tempo synced audio clips the AfroDJMac Transitional Noises and FX Ableton Live Pack has everything you need for exciting transitions and new levels of drama and engagement in your music. 

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100 Clips Perfectly Synced to Your Music

The 100 tempo synced audio clips were meticulously crafted from analog hardware and synthesizers, digital synthesizers and effects, and my own collection of useful samples.  It has everything from rising and falling filter sweeps, spaceship sounds, reversed cymbals, 8-bit explosions to the strange and unusual.  Best of all, each clip is perfectly synced to your song’s tempo, and therefore come and go at just the right times, for the maximum impact on the listener’s ear.  Just drag a clip from your browser and drop it on a track in your productions!

Create Smooth Changes With the Press of a Button!

The 6 drum racks, each loaded with 16 sounds, are perfect for playing on Ableton Push or your favorite grid controller. As you play the pads, you have direct control over each individual sound’s volume, panning, pitch, and filtering.  That means there are virtually endless variations to each sound in each drum rack with just the turn of a few macro knobs. 

Instruments to Create Your Own Custom Transitional Sounds

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The Instruments I’ve built are probably my favorite part of the collection.  The Analog Noise Machine is a great instrument for making and automating your own white noise risers and fallers.  Built from samples of white noise from various analog synths, it has convenient macro knobs that help you sculpt your transitions to perfection.  Play around with the sample’s start and loop points to try out different types of noises.

To help you create some exciting dropping bass transitions, I’ve built the Cinema Bass-Drop Synth.  A popular trend is to build intensity up and then suddenly cut the music as a deep sub bass sound that drops in pitch.  You’ll hear it all the time in recent movie trailers; it’s a really powerful way to create emotion and drama.  The Cinema Bass-Drop Synth allows you to create your own bass drop sounds and tweak the effect to fit perfectly in your music. 

Audio Effects to Add Drama To Any Sound

Finally there are four Audio Effect Racks that will help you further sculpt your sounds.  While they were designed for your transitional sounds, they also work really well on any type of track. With these effects you get a useful channel strip that I like to put on almost every track, two racks that make creating a side chain pumping effect without complicated side chain routing, plus a crazy spin-out effect for everything from subtle headphone-candy to all out insanity. 

Transition Noises and FX
Ableton Live Pack

Create exciting and dramatic changes. Perfect for builds and transitions in your music. Contains 9 Instrument Racks, 4 Performance Effects, 100 tempo-synced clips.

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