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Sample the Classic Video Game Sounds of the Super 8 Bit Live Pack

One of my most popular items in the AfroDJMac Store is the Super 8 Bit Ableton Live Pack.  It's 150 Ableton Live devices created from samples of old school video game sound cards.  The pack contains instruments, drums and effects, that range from pure recreations of the original waveforms to complex new sounds thanks to the power of Ableton Live.  Also included in the Pack are the Live Sets I used to make the 7 song Super 8 Bit EP, a collection of music made only using the Super 8 Bit Pack.  


Splice: Automatic Online Backup and Collaboration Tool for Producers

I recently teamed up with Splice to release the project files to one of those tracks, "I'm Not Surprised." If you aren't familiar with Splice, get ready for a pretty serious game changer.  Splice will automatically backup your DAW projects to their server, audio files and all.  Ever had a hard drive crash and lose what was sure to be your breakout hit?  Never again.  But what makes Splice even cooler is that it allows you to share those projects with other producers.  It's a much easier collaboration process than anything else I've tried, like email or Dropbox.  You can privately share your work or open it up to the entire Splice community.  It's a great way to add some life to all of those unfinished loops lurking around the hard drive.  

Download the Project and Get Free 8 Bit Ableton Live Instruments!

If you head over to Splice, you can download the project files for "I'm Not Surprised" and see how I used the Super 8 Bit Pack to create the tune. In the project, you can sample and save 8 of the instruments that are part of the Super 8 Bit Pack for free!  Listen to the track below in Splice's gorgeous player (notice how you can see which clips are playing during different parts of the song... so cool!).  Then head on over to Splice, sign up for a free account (that means free cloud backups of your music!), and download the project! 

More Info On The Super 8 Bit Ableton Live Pack

After you try out some of the instruments from the Super 8 Bit Pack, remember that this is just the tip of the iceberg!  Check out the video below and consider adding the Super 8 Bit Ableton Live Pack to your producing arsenal! 

Super 8-Bit Ableton Live Pack
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The ultimate collection of classic video game instruments and effects for Ableton Live. Add the nostalgia-flavored bleeps and bloops of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Gameboy, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis to your musical productions. Featuring sounds from the simplest 8-bit waveforms to complex and evolving chip soundscapes. This collection of 150 Ableton Live Device Rack presets will take you back to childhood days of sitting on the carpet in front of the TV, smashing buttons, trying to rescue princesses.

*Requires Live 9 or Higher

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