ADM Music Production Club: Free Gift for LK Ableton Live Control

Members of the ADM Music Production Club Get Free Module for LK 

Being a member of the AfroDJMac Music Production Club just got even better!  All members will now receive the Matrix Module ($9.99 value) for the LK Ableton Live Controller for free.

LK: a Powerful Touchscreen Controller for Ableton Live

Available for both iOS and Android devices, LK is a feature packed Ableton Live Controller for your tablet.  It can be run wirelessly or via a wired USB connection and contains four distinct modules for control and performance:

  1. Matrix - a dedicated Ableton Live clip launcher, mixer and device browser

  2. MIDI Pads - 16 MPC style pads for playing instruments and drums. Features a really cool arpeggiator and chord player.

  3. MIDI Controller - gives you 4 pages of 32 MIDI controls. It's perfect for Live or external MIDI gear.

  4. X/Y Pad - a fully mappable X/Y controller, with LFO modulation and a special ASR envelop generator for the Z axis.

LK is Free to Download and Test Out

LK is a free download, and will stay completely unlocked for 15 minutes, which allows you to test out all of the Modules.  Each module is a separate in-app purchase.  I think that's a super fair means of distribution.  How many apps let you test them before buying? And how many other apps allow you to purchase only the features you actually want? Give it a try on iOS or Android.

LK's Matrix Module, used for clip launching, editing, device control and mixing!

LK's Matrix Module, used for clip launching, editing, device control and mixing!

ADM Music Production Club Members Get Advanced Mixing, Editing and Performing Tools for Free!

Imaginando, the creators of LK, have been kind enough to offer members of the AfroDJMac Music Production Club a free unlock for the Matrix Module. That will allow you to launch clips, control Ableton Live effects and instruments, edit MIDI clips in the piano roll, and mix your tracks, all from your tablet! Members will receive an email with details on how to claim their free module. 

Join the AfroDJMac Music Production Club and Get in on the Fun!

When you join the ADM Music Production Club, every month you will receive my latest premium Ableton Live Pack.  The April Pack, Analog Drums for Ableton Live, has just been released (more on that soon). You will also get a free download of the first 100 Ableton Live Packs (a $10 value), and now you will receive the Matrix Module for LK (another $10 value). It's just $6 a month, you can cancel at anytime and you get to keep everything you've received.  It's a lot of fun and a great way to keep the inspiration coming.  I have a lot of ideas and plans for the future that you won't want to miss!