A Taste of Analog Drums: Free Ableton Live Pack #122

The Analog Drums Ableton Live Pack contains 489 drum samples run through the analog filter of the Moog Sub Phatty synthesizer. Each sound has been kissed with the magic of the Moog's filter and comes away with a gritty, punchy sound.  They are then arranged into 20 useful Drum Racks for maximum tweakability. Check out the video above to learn more. 

Sample the Analog Drums and Get a 25% Off Discount

I've built a special drum rack with 16 of the samples from the Analog Drums Pack and am releasing it as a free download.  As the image above shows,  you'll have control over filtering and FX for the entire kit, as well as the ability to customize each individual drum to fit perfectly in your tracks.  When you download the pack, you will also receive a 25% off coupon code on the entire pack.  Click below to get it now!

Make Beats with Style! Get the Analog Drums Ableton Live Pack!

Analog Drums

Drums created from vintage drum machines, vinyl records, and synthesizers run through Moog Sub Phatty Filter. 20 Drum Rack presets containing 489 samples.

-Requires Live 9