Great Sampling Tip and Live Templates from Subaqueous

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you've probably heard me mention Isaac Cotec, aka Subaqueous. Isaac and I went through the Ableton Certified Trainer process together, and since have remained closely in touch.  (Check out our really cool CasiOP-1 Ice Caves Free Live Pack). Isaac is one of the great positive forces in the Ableton Live community.  Recently he did a couple things I just had to share with you.

Building Instrument Racks with a Release Sample 

Sampler plays a sample on a MIDI note-on command, but wouldn't it be nice if it could play another sample with a MIDI note-off command? That would mean you could make some super realistic sounding instruments.  A piano instrument could play the subtle noise of the damper silencing the strings.  A guitar sample could have a quick finger-sliding-across-the-strings noise after a note is terminated.  And who knows what creative and experimental things we would come up with.  

Well, much to my elation, Isaac has found a workaround.  And although this work around may have a hiccup or two, Isaac has found some creative ways to smooth them out.  As a result, he's devised a really intelligent MacGyver-style solution for adding release notes to your instruments

10 Ableton Live Templates from Subaqueous' album, Tides of Twilight

Isaac's latest album Tides of Twilight is a beautiful, organic and exotic collection of music.  I really love his use of non traditional sounds and instruments.  He explores some really cool scales and textures.  

In his unending generousity, Isaac has created 10 Ableton Live Packs out of these tracks.  This is a chance for you to dive behind the scenes and see his production from the inside out.  It's a master class of Ableton Live in use.  You can get it for free, or purchase the larger packages that come with more presets, video tutorials and interviews.  You'd be crazy to not take advantage of this!  Check it!

Thanks a lot, Isaac, for all of your hard work, beautiful music, and commitment to educating and sharing your knowledge!