Unique Ableton Live Instruments from the Livid Factory

Sound design is the reason I got into electronic music.  At an early age I fell in love with recordings by the Beatles that turned non-instruments into musical sounds (Like the bubbles in "Octopus's Garden"). So for me, this is a really special Free Ableton Live Pack I'm sharing with you today. 

About a month ago, I released a Pack of percussion sounds made from samples from the factory of distinguished makers of MIDI controllers, Livid Instruments.  I took the samples they sent me and created sounds you can use to add unique and interesting rhythms to your music.  Check it out if you haven't downloaded it yet. This time, I've made melodic instruments from more of those samples. 

Five Free Ableton Live Instrument Rack Presets!

Today I've got a real treat! Five Ableton Live instrument racks made from the sounds of Livid's drills, band saws, tape, sheet metal, and a mysterious machine called "Lil Blue." They are pitched out across the keyboard and are great for melodies, transitional passages, and strange effects and textures. 

As always, I've added a bunch of Macro controls that will let you easily manipulate the most important parameters so you can sculpt the sound to fit perfectly in your music. So click on the download button below, enjoy, and share any music you make with any of my sounds here!

Help Livid Fight ALS

A while back, Livid CEO and founder, Jay Smith, was diagnosed with ALS.  Read the touching and perspective-granting article he wrote for Huffington Post "What a Dad Facing Death Put at the Top of His Bucket List." No doubt it will make you stop and take notice of your priorities in life. Also be sure to check out the BEAT ALS compilation below and stop by Every 90 Minutes to learn how you can help.