Vinyl Snackler: Free Ableton Live Pack by Animus Invidious

128 Vinyl Record Sample in an Ableton Live Instrument Rack

If you've been hanging around the Ableton community long enough, no doubt you know Animus Invidious. Animus has been releasing really awesome Live devices and tutorials for quite some time now on PerforModule and Isotonik Studios.   I'm pretty excited to check out this write up on using video game controllers with Ableton Live.

Today I'm releasing a Free Ableton Live Rack Animus made by sampling 128 Vinyl Records. Capturing the grooves before the music begins, he loops the vinyl crackling, which allows you to add the sound of vinyl crackle to your productions.

He's got some nice Macro controls as well.

Sample Choose: Select which specific vinyl sample to trigger.
Tube Crunch: Adds in preamp saturation and slightly brightens the tone. At higher levels also limits the signal.
Force Root: When on, any note played will send C3 for the original sample pitch. Disable this if you'd like to play the notes at any pitch.
Reverb: Adds in a lo-fi reverb well-suited for the vinyl vibe.
Onset: Raise this value to make played notes fade in with a "slow gear" effect; lower it to make notes attack more percussively.
Tail: How long it takes a note to fade out after it's released. Release loops are differed from sustain loops for a more interesting result when using long tails. Will also enable and determine portamento time when "force root" is off.
Dustortion: Add calibrated distortion to shape the tone and add in a little bit more of a "dusty" sound.

PMX-300 Brass Ableton Live Pack

This is not the first time Animus and I have crossed paths. Be sure to check out the PMX-300 Brass Synth here. It's another cool free Ableton Live Instrument Rack.