Easily Add Visuals to Your Ableton Sets with GlitchGif from Utami

Creating Interesting Video in Your Live Shows Doesn't Have to be Hard!

Writing music, producing, recording, and putting together your own live performance is hard enough.  Adding interesting and interactive video to go along with it is a whole other challenge. I've always longed for a simple solution that reacts to the music and just works! Thanks to Max for Live there are some nice solutions that allow you to create video without leaving Live. Today I'd like you to introduce you to GlitchGif.

Utami is the maker of some of my favorite Max for Live patches. Often dealing with video manipulation and glitchy sounds, Utami's style is right up my alley. 

Utami's latest release is GlitchGif. GlitchGif allows you to create audio responsive visuals, which are perfect for live performances or if you just want something interesting happening while you produce.  The idea is simple, drag a bunch of .gif files right onto the device and tweak the knobs to change the way they look. 

GlitchGif is very easy to use  and produces great visual results!

The controls are designed to warp, mangle, and melt your gifs. They are all MIDI mappable which allows you to use your favorite controllers to manipulate the visuals. One of my favorite things to do is map the same knob I use for an effect (say a filter) to a control on GlitchGif. Now when I apply the effect to the audio, the visuals react.  

But GlitchGif is also listening to your audio! Adjust the sliders below the knobs and the controls are modulated with the incoming sound. So you could just drop GlitchGif on a track and let the music do the work.  Very cool!

So head on over to Utami and get yourself GlitchGif! It's a lot of fun and one of the easiest ways to add visuals to your music.