No Idea How to Produce Drums? Alec Ness Has the Ableton Tutorial for You

If you want to learn how to produce drum beats in Ableton Live, Alec Ness' video series will take you through the entire process. It's a 9 part, start to finish journey on building drums and drum beats from scratch. Clocking in at just over an hour, it will teach you how to use Drum Racks, Clips, Automation, Effects and more. This series is perfect for an absolute beginner, and is packed with great tips and workflow tricks even seasoned veterans will appreciate. 

The video series was put together by Ableton Certified Trainer Alec Ness. I got to know Alec about two years ago in California, as we were put through the ropes by Ableton to become Certified Trainers. I can tell you that Alec is the real deal. I learned a lot working with him and later found myself a fan of his music.  Working under his name, as well as Su Na, Alec has a great sense of rhythm, texture, and vibe. Here's a track of his I really enjoy. Notice that almost every comment laments the song's brevity!