Korg Minilogue Demo and Free Ableton Live Pack

Expanding Sound released a great video with the new Minilogue by Korg. They cover unboxing and feature a nice little jam that captures the joy of a new toy.  The synth's features are described as the instrument is explored for the first time. Check it out:

Free Ableton Live Instruments from the Minilogue!

Mike of Expanding Sound sent me over some samples of the Minilogue.  He created four sounds and recorded four octaves of notes. I placed the samples in Live's trusty Sampler and created these instruments with inspiration from the elements. 

The presets are called Wind, Water, Earth, and Fire. I think they capture some nice qualities of the Minilogue. Each instrument has Macro controls for the Amp Envelope's Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release, as well as Low Pass Filter, Resonance, and Chorus. There's one last Macro called Timbre Shift, which swaps around the way the samples are stretched across the keyboard, drastically changing the tone.

I knew I wanted a Minilogue the minute I saw it. Building these instruments confirmed that 100%. The synth sounds unique. Download the Ableton Live Pack and see what I mean.

Free Ableton Live Pack #135: Korg Minilogue

Four Ableton Live Instrument Racks made with samples from the new and mighty Minilogue from Korg. 

Learn to Build a Vocal Booth with Expanding Sound

My buddy Mike Longo co-created Expanding Sound with Remy Lexington. They're mission is to share their passion and knowledge for creating music and the gear used to make it. Below is a video about how they built a do-it-yourself vocal booth when space is limited. I love sites like this :)