The Moog Collection Ableton Live Packs

Over the years I've released four Ableton Live Packs based on samples of my Moog synthesizers.  They capture a wide range of sounds from leads, basses, and glitchy drums to pads and spacey effects.  I've had a blast taking the raw analog power of the hardware synth and combining it with all the features in Ableton Live to create new and exciting sounds. 

Now I'd like to offer a special discounted bundle of all four of my Moog Packs.

The Moog Collection

4 Ableton Live Packs made with samples of Moog analog synthesizers and combined with the power of Ableton Live. Over 100 Instrument Rack presets, featuring basses, leads, drums, pads, and more! 

Buy them individually, and it will cost $50. Purchase the Bundle and it's only $35!

The Moog Collection for Ableton Live contains over 100 Ableton Live Instrument Rack presets made with a wealth of samples from the Moog Slim Phatty and the Moog Sub Phatty. Here's what's included:

Big Phatty Ableton Live Pack - 33 Instrument Racks of leads, pads, plucks, and basses
Phatty Glitch Drums - 400 drum sounds programmed in the Moog and processed in Live.
Phat Moog Bass Vol. 1 - 40 Bass instruments. Capturing the low end power of a Moog.
Phat Moog Bass Vol. 2 - 20 Bass Instruments and 7 Audio FX Racks to maximize the bass.

Love It Or Your Money Back!

As with any of my products, if you are not completely satisfied, I offer a money-back guarantee. I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do, so I'd like to remove any risk from your purchase. Your support means a lot to me and helps me continue doing what I do! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!