Whose Side Are You On?

Here's a short little track for anyone feeling the Election Day blues. 

I recorded it entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-1's built in four track. I simply plugged a Shure SM-57 into the OP-1 and recorded drums, guitar, bass, and vocals straight to the four track. The OP-1 is an amazing synth, sampler, drum machine, etc., but it is also a really fun and extremely portable four track recorder, something I haven't really seen it get much credit for. 

Enjoy this shorty and, if you are in the U.S., go vote!

Want Some Electric Guitar Power Chords?

If you are looking for some good rock guitar, the November download of the month for the AfroDJMac Music Production Club is the Power Chords Ableton Live Pack. It contains Instrument Racks for putting power chords in your music and has some fun amplifier, cabinet, and stomp box Audio Effect Racks. Check it out!