Up Your Finger Drumming and Sequencing Skills!

Here is some evidence that we live in a pretty cool time. There are some fun and useful games now available that can help you develop your finger drumming skills as well as your drum sequencing prowess. Allow me to introduce you to Melodics and TR-REC.

Melodics: Guitar Hero for Finger Drumming

Melodics is music software that helps you learn finger drumming. The easiest comparison is to Guitar Hero. But unlike Guitar Hero, which is played on a cheap plastic toy guitar, and really does almost nothing to teach you how to play the real thing, Melodics allows you to use just about any MIDI pad controller and can actually improve your playing. 

There are lessons created by some great producers and musicians to help you get going in the genre of your choice. There's no risk, because Melodics offers you 20 lessons for free. Here's an extensive tutorial using Ableton Push. 

TR-REC Roland's Video Game Drum Sequencing Workout

TR-REC is a video game that challenges you to recreate 808 xox sequencing as quickly as possible. It might sound funny at first, but this game will seriously improve your ability to recognize and create the beats you hear in your head. The challenges increase as you get further and further into the game. Check out this game play video below.