AutoTheory: Play in Any Key with Any Instrument; Plus $10 Off!

Create Complex Melodies Easily with AutoTheory

I must admit, the part of me that spent years studying music theory and learning guitar is a little resentful towards AutoTheory. But all in all, it's pretty amazing how AutoTheory makes music creation available to everyone, even none musicians. Ultimately it will lead to more people making music and inevitably, better music.

AutoTheory is an application that translates your MIDI notes into complex chords and melodies. And it's pretty awesome.  With just the press of a button on your keyboard or key on your MIDI controller, you can create interesting and versatile melodies.  AutoTheory translates this information into MIDI for your DAW, so you can control all of your software instruments without having to spend years learning music theory. It's another example of how music making has been democratized so that anyone can take part in it.  Here's a video overview:

Probably the coolest part of AutoTheory is that you can use it to send this complex MIDI to your DAW. You can control up to 8 instruments at once.  So with just a single note, you can generate some pretty interesting music. Here's more on that:

Save $10 on AutoTheory Pro!

AutoTheory is a small company run by just a few guys. I think that the personal passion for this project comes through in its execution. And because they want to get AutoTheory in your hands, they've created a special $10 discount exclusively for readers of this site. When you check out, use the code: AFRODJMAC 

So head over to to get your own copy. Even if you are a trained musician, you may find AutoTheory to be a great way to break out habits and patterns we all tend to fall back to.

PS There are some nice resources on the site as well, such as this breakdown of some theoretical musical concepts. 

If you've given AutoTheory a try, let us know what you think in the comments!