Two Powerful Live Performance Tools from Isotonik Studios

Do You Even Isotonik, Bro?

First off, if you are an Ableton Live user and are not familiar with Isotonik Studios and their Max for Live work, you are missing out. They are so prolific in their production of powerful and useful devices, I can barely keep up. It's kind of amazing.

I'd like to share a few highlights of Isotonik Studios, that I think will be super helpful for live performances. Two things people routinely ask me about performing are audio effects and incorporating visuals. To satisfy that hunger, Isotonik offers Strangelines Streak FX and Ned Rush World Collection

Great Audio Effects in One Device

Streak FX is a multi-effects unit that allows you to store five presets of wild and interesting modulation effects. Every parameter can be MIDI mapped and automated. Check out the quick demo video.

Here's what Isotonik has to say:

Good ideas often generate even greater ones: Streak FX is the audio effect derived from Streakulator, the popular midi-modulated audio effect by StrangeLines. It takes the original inspiration and becomes even easier to work with by shaping any sound or synth you put behind it in a whole new rich and complex one, all in a matter of seconds…!
Streak FX is a combination of a custom chorus/flanger engine combined with a bit crushing/distortion section, animated by a perfect gater (you can make it as large or tight as you want), finally falling into a “warp” effect if that wasn’t already enough!
You’ll find yourself saying Wow from your very first use then fast forward to the point where it’s become a default weapon in your arsenal. If you’re looking forward for a fast and beautiful experience with uncommon electronic sounds Streak FX is the right tool, if you’re into EDM, Drum and Bass or Dubstep this should be mandatory to take you into the very fast lane of music production…

Automatic Visuals in Your Live Performance

Many of us want to add visuals to our performances, but many of us are not visual artists. It can be hard enough to learn how to produce music. Learning to create interactive visuals is an entirely separate pursuit. Ned Rush's World Collection has you covered. Basically once you set it up, these devices do all the work for you. There's so much you can do with the World Collection, have a look at the in-depth walkthrough.

Want to Learn How to Play Live with Ableton Live?

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Here's a couple sample videos:

The Course Intro and What You Will Learn:

A Key Concept in Performing Live, Core Tracks: