Wine Glass Synth: Free Ableton Live Pack 141

How to Make Your Own Custom Simpler Instruments

A few weeks ago, I spoke to the Sydney Australia Ableton Live User Group via Google Hangouts. During the discussion, I was asked to discuss my process for creating my own Ableton Live instruments. For the demonstration, I used a sample of a wine glass hit with a fork at Christmas Eve dinner. 

Free Ableton Live Pack #141: Wine Glass Synth

I think this particular instrument is a good example of the ethos behind most of my Ableton Live creations. I'm not trying to create a perfect sounding instrument with a perfect sample. I'm going for character and originality. There's a lot of background noise in the sample. You can hear my family having a fun dinner in sample. It makes for interesting sounds as the sample is repitched and stretched. I recorded it with my iPhone. This was a matter of convenience; it was the only mic I had available. But it should serve as a lesson: It's better to get the idea with low quality gear than to not get it at all.

The video below is a bit longer than usual, because I wanted to recreate the discussion I had with the Sydney User Group. I take you through the entire process and try to offer some helpful hints and shortcuts along the way. If 13 minutes is beyond your normal YouTube attention span, I understand. Mine is about 1 minute 42 seconds. In that case, just download the instrument and start making some music with it! If you do, please share your tracks here.

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