Review: Moog Model 15 Modular iOS Synth; Is it Worth $30?

Moog Releases One of the Finest iOS Synths to Date!

I just had to share my excitement about this new iOS app from Moog. The Moog Model 15 is a full recreation of the Moog Model 15 modular synth.  It takes advantage of the latest technologies and power the newest iOS devices possess. I recently bought an iPad Pro, the big 12" one. This app looks phenomenal on it. You can easily scroll up and down the entire interface, have a full view, or even zoom in on small sections. The level of detail of the UI is fantastic.  With everything from the reflection on the knobs to the various colors of the patch cables, Moog really nailed this. 

A Step Beyond

There are some really thoughtful additions. You can double-tap the screen with two fingers, which makes the cables transparent and still see the Model 15 itself. When you patch cables, the proper jacks illuminated, while the wrong jacks go grey.  This is really handy for a modular noob like myself, because I won't be making pointless patches. Speaking of us noobs, there's some really nice tutorials built into the app which will help you understand how everything works. What's more, people will be able to build their own tutorial patches for our learning pleasure!

But How Does it Sound?!

I haven't even spoken about the sound. Incredible. This is truly a step above anything else. The sound is rich and deep. In the short amount of time I've had to explore, I was really impressed with the subtleties you can achieve with small tweaks. The diversity of sounds this synth puts out is incredible.  Just exploring the presets I found so many different types of synth sounds I love, and many I've never heard before. It's a beautiful sound that you just need to hear. 

Watch the video review and exploration below. I'm sure my enthusiasm will be hard to missed.

So Is the Moog Model 15 worth the $30?

I know it might seem like a large price for an app.  At first I thought twice about it. It was the more educational elements that really convinced me to take the plunge. The fact that I'm even asking whether or not this app is worth $30 is a sign that the times we live in has spoiled us. After spending just a couple minutes with this app, I was completely satisfied with my purchase. While I cannot speak to how it compares with the real world version, I can tell you that $30 is a ridiculously nice price when you consider that an actual Model 15 will cost you $10,000

Click to Download the Moog Model 15 Now!

Watch an In-depth Interview on the Moog Model 15

Sometimes listening to people talk about their creations is super inspiring. This is a great example. SonicState put out this fantastic interview with Geert Bevin at Superbooth 2016. I just can't understand how Nick Batt was able to keep quiet about this app for the last couple of weeks!

Moog Sounds for Ableton Live

If you are hungering for that classic Moog sound in Ableton Live, check out some of the Packs I've made below. 

Ableton Live Moog Collection

This special package includes the Moog Big Phatty, Phatty Glitch Drums, and Phat Moog Bass Volume 1 and 2 Ableton Live Packs. It's a great way to save money and add a ton of analog Moog sounds to your Ableton Live productions! There's nothing quite like the Moog sound, and this diverse collection brings you over 100 Ableton Live ready Moog Instruments!