Free Ableton Live Pack #140: SympleSound Pro 2

About a year ago, Francis Préve released some free samples of the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 analog synthesizer.  Francis agreed to let me use his samples to create a few Ableton Live Instrument Racks.  The result is this free download.

The Pro 2 is a monster of a synth. Dave Smith called the Pro 2 his "most powerful mono synth ever." That's a pretty powerful statement coming from Mr. Smith, the creator of some of the finest synthesizers the world has known. Reading Francis Préve's review of it in Keyboard Magazine.

The Pro 2 by Dave Smith Instruments

2 Free Ableton Live Pro 2 Instrument Racks 

The ADM SympleSound Pro 2 Free Ableton Live Pack

The ADM SympleSound Pro 2 Free Ableton Live Pack

Francis, who recently launched his new website, SympleSound, provided 8 different samples of Pro 2 patches he programmed, and I made two Ableton Live Instrument Racks with them. Both racks are nearly identical; one instrument contains longer sustained sounds, while the other has shorter, plucked sounds. Each Instrument Rack uses 4 samples and each has 4 different presets you can select between. Watch  the video walkthrough below and Download the Live Pack

Purple Drums a Tribute to Prince

A Tribute to Prince, The Purple Drums by SympleSound.

The drums you hear in the audio example above came from The Purple Drums by SympleSound. The Purple Drums is a Free Ableton Live Drum Rack designed with samples of the drum machines and production style of Prince. Francis Préve went to great lengths to capture a special sound in this instrument. The Help View of this project contains excellent lessons in how the instrument works, Prince's drum production, as well as some useful Live tutorials. It's a very cool way to explore some very cool sounds. Check it out here.  

$5 Off The Analog Collection: P08 at SympleSound

Francis has been kind enough to offer an exclusive $5 discount on SympleSound's Analog Collection: P08, which is a collection of Ableton Live Instruments made with Dave Smith's Prophet 08 analog synthesizer. 

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