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Tobi of has put together a very useful video course, specifically designed to teach electronic drumming with Ableton Live. Ableton Live for Drummers is an extensive video course that not only teaches the art of producing drums, but also how to set up an electronic drum kit. If you are a drummer and want to get into electronic drumming, this course is for you. Here's a short preview of what you'll be able to do, followed by a short tutorial:

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Here is the entire Ableton Live for Drummers course syllabus: 

Module 1 – First steps with audio – sound card, recording and audio effects

01 audio connection

02 route soundcard in Ableton

03 Ableton basics and recordind Audio

04 audio effects

Module 2 – First steps with Midi – connection, recording and editing

01 – Midi connection

02 Midi preferences

03 Midi notes basics and General Midi

04a Midi notes recording and editing

04b Midi notes recording – quantization

04c – Midi note recording – overdub

Module 3 – Midi effects

01- introduction Midi effects

02 Note Length

03 Pitch

04 Velocity

05 Scale

06 Random

07 Chord

08 Arpeggiator

09 combine and group Midi effects

Module 4 – Drumracks

01 Ableton Drumracks introduction

02 KJ Sawka Drumracks

03a edit Drumracks – import sounds

03b edit Drumracks – edit sounds

03c edit Drumracks – edit Midi in/out

03d edit Drumracks – implement audio effects

04a – example set Drumrack – introduction

04b – example set Drumrack – Sound 1 – ‘Bass Line’

04c – example set Drumrack – Sound 2 – Chimes

04d- example set Drumrack – more sounds and midi effects

04e example set Drumracks – concepts and further preferences

05 Drumrack – Audio und Midi in Action (example)

Module 5 – Impulse

01 introduction and basics

02 Impulse specials

Module 6 Midi remote

01 Midi remote – preferences and audio effects

02 Midi remote- looping and live performance

03 – Midi remote – switch sounds/effects

04 – Midi remote – switch to next parts/scenes

Module 7 – create backing tracks and play-alongs

01 import and sync songs

02 warp algorithms

03 warp – tempo and time signature

04 edit tempo and time signature in scenes

05 backings in the arrangement view

06 switch tempo and time signature in arrangement

07 switch between songs in arrangement

Module 8 – count in, click track and routing

01 route metronom separately/’routing out’

02 creating your own click

03 create count-in – ‘back to arrangement’

04 create count-in – edit notes and lengths

05 set up count-in in the session view

06 count-in / click track touring

Module 9 - Drums to Lights

01 drums to lights – introduction

02 create virtual Midi bus

03 route virtual Midi in Ableton

04 sync outgoing Midi to lights

05 ‘Drums-2-Light’ – Midi Effekt Rack

06 external Midi control – vst/au and Midi CC

07 – comment about the teaching-tempo in this Module